Migoland Glitches!

Here are some Migoland glitches!

Glowing green-

For this you need a glowing ghost suit (you can buy one for 8000 coins), put it on then go back on wardrobe and put on your club outfit, you will now be glowing green!!!

Being invisible-

here are 2 ways-

1.buy a space suit (8000 coins), now go downstairs in a castle, then when you come back up, you will just be a shadow!

2.This is how to be fully invisible, go to a castle and go downstairs, then when you go back up open your friends list and click on someone with a locked home, click “ok” when you are at the top and you will be fully invisible!



One Response to Migoland Glitches!

  1. supergirl22 says:

    heres another glitch..
    this is how to fly furniture XP
    jk i wont tell =P

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